~ 94. Nasruddin and the Hooligan ~

One of the local hooligans threw a rock at Nasruddin's donkey. Nasruddin saw what the boy had done but, instead of yelling at him, he laughed.
"You're a very good shot!" Nasruddin exclaimed. "I'm impressed. But my donkey is not a worthy target for someone of your talent. You deserve a better target!"
Nasruddin then noticed the mayor riding by on his horse.
"Like the mayor, for example," Nasruddin said, pointing.
The boy threw a rock at the horse's rump, and when the horse reared, the mayor tumbled to the ground.
"Arrest that boy!" the mayor shouted.
Nasruddin just smiled.

Inspired byThe World of Nasrudin by Idries Shah, free to read online at the Idries Shah Foundation.
Notes: This is story #7 in the book, and the same story is told of Aesop (Perry 497).

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