Nasruddin's Crowded Kitchen

"My mother was such a good cook," said Nasruddin wistfully.
"But my mother was an even better cook than your mother!"
This made Nasruddin angry. He got so angry, in fact, that he grabbed his wife and pushed her out of the house into the garden. Her shouts attracted the neighbor's attention.
"Don't mind her!" shouted Nasruddin. "You know how it can be. There's not enough room in our house: me, my wife, my mother, her mother, all their pots and pans. It was so crowded my wife fell out the door into the garden, as you can see."

Inspired byThe World of Nasrudin by Idries Shah, free to read online at the Idries Shah Foundation.
Notes: This is story #69 in the book. I've also heard this story told about Nasruddin as a widower married to a widow where he complains about there being four people in the bed.

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