52. The Fox in the Flood

A fox had fallen into a rushing river.
"Help!" the fox shrieked. "It's the end of the world! A flood! Save yourselves! The end of the world!"
A man standing on the riverbank heard the fox's cries of alarm. He grabbed a branch and extended it to the fox, and then he pulled the fox to shore.
"Thank you, good sir!" said the fox.
"But what about the end of the world?" said the man. "Your words scared me!"
"Well, the world was ending," said the fox. "My world anyway!"
And with that, the fox scampered off into the woods.

Inspired byTulsemmah and Nagaya by M. N. Venkataswami, 4.
Notes: There is a story about Nasruddin and the end of the world: T0454. When Nasruddin's World Ends.

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