Justice for the Prankster

There was a man who liked to play pranks, and one day he took a frog and slipped it inside his friend's shirt, shouting "Snake! Snake!"
The poor man died of fright.
The dead men's relatives took the prankster to court, charging him with murder.
The judge condemned him to death. "You will be executed by a firing squad!"
The next morning, the firing squad lined up, facing the condemned man, and fired.
The prankster died of fright.
"Those were blanks in their guns!" the judge explained to the crowd. "In the name of justice, it was only a prank."

Inspired byTulsemmah and Nagaya by M. N. Venkataswami, 19
Notes: The version in Venkataswami involves two guns rather than an actual firing squad.

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