29. The Monkey and the Rock

Crocodile noticed Monkey using a rock to cross the river, jumping from riverbank to rock, and then from rock to riverbank.
"I'll make my back look like a rock," thought Crocodile. "He'll jump on me, and I'll catch him!"
Monkey saw a suspicious new rock in the river, so before he jumped, Monkey said, "Hello, Rock!'
Crocodile said nothing.
Monkey shouted, "Hey, Rock! Why don't you answer me like you usually do?"
Crocodile realized he had to answer. "Hello, Monkey…" he said cautiously.
"Hello to you, Crocodile," Monkey cackled. "And goodbye! I won't be jumping on you today… or ever!"

Inspired by: The Jataka translated by Robert Chalmers
Notes: Compare the story of Brer Rabbit in Heyo House.

Here is an illustration by Ellsworth Young; it shows the second part of the story, which I have not included, where the monkey tricks the crocodile into closing his eyes so that the monkey can indeed jump over to the other side.

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