150. The Old Woman Going to Town

A young man riding horseback passed an old woman on the way to town.
"Poor thing!" he said as he rode by. "It's going to take you all day to get to town on those old legs."
"Hurry on your way, young man," she said. "I'll get there, God willing."
Along the way the young man talked to various friends, took a nap, and spent some time adjusting his turban to look especially elegant.
Imagine his surprise when he reached town and found the old woman already there.
"With my old legs," she said, smiling, "I have outpaced your horse."

Inspired by: Heeramma and Venkataswami, or Folktales From India by M. N. Venkataswami.
Notes: This is like a human version of Aesop's Tortoise and the Hare.

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