~ 84. Nasruddin and the Philosopher's Questions ~

A renowned philosopher traveled to Nasruddin's town to challenge him in a contest of wisdom. Everyone gathered to see the show, hoping that Nasruddin would uphold the honor of their town.
To begin the contest, the challenger asked if Nasruddin wanted to answer one hundred easy questions or just one hard question.
"I'll take the one hard question," Nasruddin said.
"Which came first: the chicken or the egg?"
"The chicken," replied Nasruddin confidently.
The philosopher was surprised by Nasruddin's answer. "How can you be so sure?"
"Ah," said Nasruddin, "that is your second question. I agreed to answer only one."

Inspired by: The Funniest Tales of Mullah Nasruddin by Clifford Sawhney
Notes: It was my own decision to turn this into a Nasruddin story, although so far I have only found it as a Birbal story. Many of the Nasruddin and Birbal stories overlap, and I suspect I will eventually find this in a book of Nasruddin stories. For another story about Nasruddin and the number of questions, see T0271. Just Two Questions.

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