Distributing the Weight

Nasruddin had gone into the forest to chop wood. He then loaded the wood onto his donkey and climbed up on top of the wood. It wasn't very comfortable up there, and Nasruddin swayed precariously as the donkey plodded along.
"Nasruddin!" shouted one of his friends. "What are you doing up there on top of the wood? Why not sit in the saddle?"
"The wood is very heavy, and I wanted to give my donkey a break."
"I don't understand," said Nasruddin's friend, looking puzzled.
"This way my weight is on the wood," explained Nasruddin, "not on the donkey."

Inspired by: This is Nasruddin Tale Type T0135.
Notes: There is a similar story where Nasruddin carries the wood on his own head to relieve the donkey's burden.

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