The Buffalo Who Boasted

Every morning Buffalo woke up feeling proud. He stood outside his house, shouting, "I'm the biggest! I'm the strongest!"
"Don't boast," his wife warned.
But Buffalo kept boasting.
His wife went to Hunter. "Please shame my husband," she said. "Don't kill him; just frighten him. You'll find him outside our house in the morning."
The next morning as Buffalo boasted, Hunter fired a shot in his direction.
Buffalo was so scared he broke down the door of his own house with his horns, hurrying to get in.
"I told you!" said his wife. "The strong never say they are strong."

Inspired by: "Hunter Cures Boastfulness" in Dahomean Narrative by Melville and Frances Herskovits, 1958.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The name for the buffalo is Agbo. 

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