The Boar and the Elephants

A boar found his way into the midst of a herd of elephants. 
Meanwhile, some hunters were stalking the elephants. A man raised his gun, aiming for one of the elephants, but the bullet struck the boar instead.
"Are you hit?" the elephants asked one another. 
"Not me!" "Nor I!" the elephants shouted amongst themselves. "What about you, Boar?"
"It is some kind of accident," Boar replied. "The bullet has struck me!"
Then Boar died.
Hence this proverb: "It is some kind of accident," said the boar when he was struck down in the midst of a herd of elephants.

Inspired by: "The Tale of the Boar and the Elephants"  in Tales, Customs, Names, and Dirges of the Tigre Tribes by Enno Littmann, 1915.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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