The Shrew and the Hunter

"Help me cross the road!" squeaked the Shrew
A kindly hunter carried Shrew across the road.
"I'll return the favor," Shrew promised.
After killing some guinea-fowl, the hunter and his dogs went home.
Shrew was there, waiting on the roof.
Then Lion arrived. ""Give the guinea-fowl to the dogs, you eat the dogs, and I'll eat you!" he roared.
The hunter was terrified.
"YES!" shouted Shrew. "Dogs will eat the guinea-fowl, the man will eat the dogs, you'll eat the man, and I'LL EAT YOU!"
Terrified by the voice from above, Lion ran off.
So Shrew repaid the hunter's kindness.

Inspired by: "The Shrew and the Hunter" in Chimanwanga Stories by Emmeline H. Dewar, 1900.
Notes: You can read the original story online. To find out just why the shrew was afraid to cross the road, see this Azande legend: The Elephant and the Shrew.

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