Wolf and Rabbit Plant Carrots

Rabbit liked farming with Wolf. Wolf worked hard, but he didn't know anything about farming. That suited Rabbit just fine.
"Let's plant carrots together!" said Rabbit. "Then we'll divide the harvest."
"How will we do that?" asked Wolf.
"Well, you're big and strong, so you take the tops," said Rabbit. "The bottoms will be enough for me."
Time passed. Wolf saw carrot-plants getting taller and taller, but he didn't see any carrots.
Then Rabbit said it was harvest-time.
"Tops for you," said Rabbit, pulling up one of the carrot plants. "Bottoms for me!"
That's how Rabbit got all the carrots.

Inspired by: The Days when the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: This is "Brer Wolf's Second Pinder Patch" (p. 106). In Faulkner's story, Wolf and Rabbit plant peanuts again. Wolf sees the peanut plants growing and suspects he will get lots of peanuts, only to find out the peanuts are underground. I wanted to separate it from the peanut story, so I used carrots instead.

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