Tiger on the Run

People were chasing Tiger, so he jumped in a hole. 
Rabbit saw Tiger's butt sticking out and poked him with a hat-pin.
"Ouch! Sandflies are biting!" Tiger groaned.
Poke. "Ouch!"
Poke. "Ouch!"
Then Tiger heard Rabbit laughing. He jumped out and grabbed Rabbit. "I'll barbecue you right here. Go up this tree and fetch down some wood!"
From up in the tree, Rabbit yelled, "Tiger, I see them coming for you!"
"Which way?"
"Coming from the east!"
Tiger ran west.
"Coming from the west!"
Tiger ran south.
"Coming from the south!"
Tiger ran north, fell off a cliff, and died.

Inspired by: Folklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: Parsons collected this story in Saint Croix; you can find it online at Hathi Trust; she indexes it as: 013. Mock pursuit. Tiger is fleeing from the man after a "take-my-place" episode with Rabbit earlier. 


  1. I was hoping Tiger would finally get Rabbit and kill him but sadly not, he was tricked again! *sigh*

    1. If Tiger wasn't so stupid though he would have killed Rabbit before he had a chance to be tricked! Tiger is a loser!