Box of Wisdom

Waving the bottle of Tiger's tears, Rabbit shouted at God. "Mission accomplished! Now show me wisdom!"
"It's under that crate," said God, pointing at an overturned crate. "Go look! You'll see what I mean."
But when God turned around, Rabbit hid in the bushes.
Next, God let loose a thunderbolt that smashed the box to pieces.
Rabbit hopped out of the bushes and laughed. "If I weren't so smart, that would've killed me!"
"Then you don't need my wisdom!" God yelled, grabbing Rabbit by the ears and threw him far as he could.
That's how Rabbit got his long ears.

Inspired by: Folklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: For the first part of this story and notes, see: Tiger's Tears.

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