Anansi and Rabbit in the Cow

Anansi had magic to get inside cows. 
"Teach me!" said Rabbit. 
Anansi taught Rabbit and then said. "Go into that cow, and fetch the tripe."
Rabbit went into the cow, fetched the tripe, and gave it to Anansi. 
"I'll go cook this," Anansi said, "while you fetch the heart; I'll be right back." 
But when Rabbit cut the heart, the cow fell down dead, and the King grabbed Rabbit coming out of the cow. "I'm going to go get my whip!" said the King, tying Rabbit to a tree.
"I've got to get out of here!" Rabbit thought to himself...

Inspired by: Folklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: Parsons collected this story in Saint Lucia; you can find it online at Hathi Trust; she indexes it as: In Cow's Belly and then Take My Place (in the second part of the story). This is the first part of the story; you can read the second part here: Cat Wants to Marry the Princess.

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