The Two Cats, Skinny and Fat

There was a poor skinny cat who lived with a poor skinny woman.
One day a fat cat walked by. The  skinny cat had never seen such a fat cat before!
"Come to the palace, and you'll grow fat too!" he said.
"Don't go, dear," said the woman. "There are dangers there!"
But her cat didn't listen, and he went with the fat cat to the palace.
"Wait here at the window!" the fat cat said, but the skinny cat raced inside when he smelled the roasted meats.
The king's guards killed him, and the woman was left all alone.

Inspired by: The Tortoise and the Geese, and Other Fables of Bidpai by Maude Barrows Dutton.
Notes: Compare Aesop's fable about the town mouse and the country mouse.

Here is an illustration by E. Boyd Smith:

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